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Davide Querin's solo exhibition "ROME AND BUENOS AIRES: JOINT DIMENSIONS" was inaugurated in Rome on February 13, 2024, at the Casa Argentina of the Argentine Embassy in Italy.

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Davide Querin was born in Rome and, son of art, immediately dedicated himself to painting and the arts. His artistic training & # 232; eclectic and develops in the field of oil painting and illustration.
In 1986 he graduated in editorial and advertising graphics at the ISIA of Urbino, specializing in illustration. He later attended the studio of Maestro Luigi Quintili, perfecting himself in the technique of oil painting for glazes.

He has exhibited his works in France, Italy and USA.

Davide Querin has made his works available on the set of various TV films, including "First Citizen" with Tullio Solenghiand "L'una e l'altra" with Christopher Lambert.

His paintings have been bought by collectors in France, United States, Finland, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland.

Since 2019, most of his paintings have been made on a themed basis, on commission.

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Explanations regarding my inspiration

"In my paintings (all my paintings are oil on canvas) I have almost always used transparency to highlight different aspects of the same event.
Just to give an example, with transparencies (through transparency) I can depict the image of a dream and at the same time the sensations evoked by that vision.
It's just about blending the two together.
In this way, I am able to insert my thoughts and emotions into the painting as visible elements of the composition.
The result is a single image where all the elements coexist ... like overlapping transparent sheets, each with a different subject.
There came a moment when I realized that transparency in my paintings could be the ideal way to fill a need that I felt increasingly stronger: the recovery of the memory.
Memory as identity and self-awareness recovery.
However, I am not only speaking of the memory linked to my personal history and experience, but of the Memory of the collective History.
Transparency appears in my paintings not only in the form of objects, but also of imaginary or real people or even characters from history.
In any case, these figures that hover in the scene a bit like ghosts, do not necessarily want to be a direct reference to the people or objects they represent.
Rather they are subliminal references to introspection".

"Davide Querin"

Oil paintings

commissioned painting

Davide Querin, in addition to his personal production, also makes thematic paintings, on condition that the conception of the context of insertion is left free. The theme of the painting can refer to a place, one or more people, it can be a portrait of a family or a loved one, one's own or one's pets. Once the photos of the person (s) to be portrayed have been provided, and the theme of the painting is personally presented to the artist, a layout of the painting will be prepared. Approved the latter, the artist will begin to paint the work, oil on canvas, in the required size.
To learn more: davide@davidequerin.com

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Transparencies and painted veils

In Querin's paintings, all strictly made oil on canvas, the effect of softness and realism of the figures is obtained through the slow and measured overlap of the veils. The aim is to balance the alienating and dreamy effect of surreal atmospheres, with the formal realism of the figures participating in the composition.

DAVIDE QUERIN - Oil paintings

Paintings oil on canvas, of small and large formats, also available for film locations or TV fiction. Creation of large formats for Hotel's Halls, Reception for Credit Institutions, Management Offices and luxury real estate furniture.


DAVIDE QUERIN - Editorial illustration

Editorial illustrations, magazine, fiction for children. Book covers, commentary illustrations.


They rightly said

"His art is characterized by the striking encounter between the real and the fantastic that deconstructs the perspective view of its settings giving rise to dreamlike visions in which times and spaces overlap and surprise the viewer.

In Davide Querin, therefore, the technical and pictorial skill is at the service of a poetic and somewhat alienating language that manages to compose, on a single canvas, worlds that are incompatible and yet admirably in contact.

The color palette accompanies and is the tool of this emotional patchwork where even the juxtaposition of color, black and white and the "sepia cuttlefish" gives the spectator a precious interpretation of the fascinating work of Davide Querin."- ANGELA MADESANI, Art Critic

"... Davide Querin's painting is a dream that is realized in a perspective and architectural sense in a dreamlike fusion between the real and fantastic. In his paintings the realization of the lines and the enchantment of the colors makes us forget the realistic aspect to bring us beyond the subject itself of the work.

EOLO COSTI, Art Critic

Do you really want to immerse yourself in my world?

A one-way trip


Paintings on commission

When you commission a painting by Davide Querin, providing photos of those you want to be present in the composition of the work, do not expect a hyperrealistic portrait of the faces or figures. Although recognizable, they will be reproduced by transparency, immersed in a surreal atmosphere full of symbolic references to their life and their personality. If your intent is to give or give you a picture with the photographic reproduction of the subjects, contact specialized painters in hyper-realistic portraiture. But if, instead, you want an added value, turn to Davide Querin and let yourself be transported in a parallel reality in which your characters will take a new form and a new life.
To get an idea go to the "Painting" section of the menu and choose the "on commission" item, you will find several examples of commissioned paintings.


Davide Querin lives and works in Rome.
Davide Querin creates themed paintings on commission.
It is possible to request, without obligation, a quote by writing to davide@davidequerin.com

Davide Querin's Studio is located in Rome.

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