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-Painter, Illustrator, Graphic-

Davide Querin is born in Rome, coming from an artistic family he paints since his youth. A creative path in visual communication contributed to his development as an illustrator and painter. Davide Querin attended ISIA Urbino, Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, and graduated in Graphic Design, Editorial and Advertising Illustration, presenting in his final dissertation the illustrations of "The Master and Margaret" by Michail Bulgakov.
He specialized in oil painting at the atelier of Luigi Quintili and he opened his first exhibition at the Catacombe 2000 Art Gallery in Rome.
In the 90s he discovered and deepened the works of numerous Argentine artists such as Thibon de Libian Josè Arato, Carlos Alonso, Castagnino and Xul Solar, by whose works he was fascinated.

Davide Querin's paintings, which at first glance appear as a dreamlike fusion between the real and the fantastic, are actually the result of a more complex work, refined over time.

He himself explains. "In my paintings (all my paintings are oil on canvas) I have almost always used transparency to highlight different aspects of the same event.
Just to give an example, with transparencies (through transparency) I can depict the image of a dream and at the same time the sensations evoked by that vision.
It's just about blending the two together.
In this way, I am able to insert my thoughts and emotions into the painting as visible elements of the composition.
The result is a single image where all the elements coexist ... like overlapping transparent sheets, each with a different subject.
There came a moment when I realized that transparency in my paintings could be the ideal way to fill a need that I felt increasingly stronger: the recovery of the memory.
Memory as identity and self-awareness recovery.
However, I am not only speaking of the memory linked to my personal history and experience, but of the Memory of the collective History.
Transparency appears in my paintings not only in the form of objects, but also of imaginary or real people or even characters from history.
In any case, these figures that hover in the scene a bit like ghosts, do not necessarily want to be a direct reference to the people or objects they represent.
Rather they are subliminal references to introspection".

Davide Querin's paintings are therefore the transposition on canvas of this process, in which space and time cancel each other out, merging into a single parallel dimension.

Along with his activities as a painter, for many years Davide Querin has also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.
He has exhibited his paintings in various art galleries and group exhibitions.
In October 2009, following his solo exhibition at the Casa Argentina in Via Veneto in Rome, under the patronage of the Embassy of Argentina in Italy, Davide Querin began an ever closer relationship with Latin American culture.
In May 2015 at Rome he exhibits in a museum "Chiostro del Bramante".

Davide Querin for many years, has been working as an editorial illustrator in parallel with his work as a painter.

He has exhibited both in Italy and abroad, making his works available on the set of various TV movies, including "Primo cittadino" with Tullio Solenghi and "L'una e l'altra" with Christopher Lambert.

In October 2009, with a painting solo inaugurated in Rome, in Via Veneto, at the Argentine House with the patronage of the Argentine Embassy in Italy, has initiated an interactive relationship with the culture of Latinamerica.

On May 19, 2015, his personal exhibition entitled was inaugurated in Rome at the Chiostro del Bramante.

In Ferrara, at the Spazio Aperto Gallery, his last personal exhibition.

years of employment

Last exhibitions:

Dauphin'sonArt Gallery, Rome - May 2022
Spazio Arte Caracciolo, Rome - December 2019
Il Laboratorio Gallery, Rome - October 15th/21st 2018
Il Laboratorio Gallery, Rome - July 17th/23rd 2017
Spazio Aperto Gallery, Ferrara - April 8th/May 6th 2017
La Pigna Gallery, Rome - October 14th/18th 2016
Chiostro del Bramante, Rome - May 19th/June 22 2015
San Francesco Museum, Trevi (PG) - March 29th/May 2nd 2015
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris - October 2014
La Pigna Gallery, Rome - October 2014
Spectrum, Miami - December 2013
Ten Art Gallery, Milan - April 2014 (online)

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Oil paintings on commission and not only

Davide Querin, in addition to his personal production, also makes thematic paintings, on condition that the conception of the context of insertion is left free. The theme of the painting can refer to a place, one or more people, it can be a portrait of a family or a loved one, one's own or one's pets. Once the photos of the person (s) to be portrayed have been provided, and the theme of the painting is personally presented to the artist, a sketch of the painting will be prepared. Approved the latter, the artist will begin to paint the work, oil on canvas, in the required size.
To learn more: davide@davidequerin.com

Oil painting

Paintings in oil on canvas, of small and large formats, also available for film locations or TV fiction. Creation of large formats for Hotel Halls, Reception for Credit Institutions, Management Offices and luxury real estate furniture.


Editorial illustrations, magazine, fiction for children. Book covers, commentary illustrations.


Publishing projects, catalog layout, posters, posters, institutional brochures.

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Davide Querin lives and works in Rome.
Davide Querin creates themed paintings on commission.
It is possible to request, without obligation, a quote by writing to davide@davidequerin.com

Davide Querin's Studio is located in Rome.
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